Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ageless City is a very simple role playing game for all the family. Here are some tips and help for those new to the game:

Choose a Character
So first thing you do is to choose on of the characters. This cannot be changed once you have made your choice so please choose carefully.

Respect / Leveling Up
To level up in the game, you need to gain respect. You can do this in many ways, not all of which are obvious so the more you explore Ageless City, the more you will discover. You can earn respect from getting a job, winning races, buying a business and many more ways. Take a look, see what you can find.

Lots of ways to earn money from working a job to buying a business. Also picking a fight with another player or challenging them to a race can earn you cash.

A great value is the gold coins. You can use gold to buy higher value vehicles, and businesses as well as many other items in the city. You can also earn gold in many places so watch out for gold earnings. The gold will become more useful as you level up.

The Vault
There is a city vault, a place to hide some of your money from others. Anyone can challenge you to fight/race and if they beat you, they steal some of your cash. If your cash is in the vault, they cannot touch it so always worth a visit. The higher your level, the more cash you can protect.

Race Arena
Once you have a garage and a vehicle, get along to the race arena and challenge other players to a quick race. Winner earns cash and gold along with respect and bragging rights. The loser... loses cash!

Fight Arena
Just like with the race arena, you challenge others. Go to the retail store and get tooled up for a fight. Other players do not have to be online to be challenged so its a good way to earn respect, cash and gold.

Character Skill's
Power, Agility, Endurance and Intelligence are all great skills to have and they will help you advance in the city. Earn each of these skill's through education, adopting a pet, buying at the retail stores and many other ways too. 

There is the option to buy coin packs and gold packs. We have kept the prices very low in comparison to other game websites. You do not need to buy them but if you do, please note that all purchases are non refundable

VIP Badges
In the add-on's there is also a VIP option. This is a one time fee if you wish to purchase and is a lifetime VIP for your account for as long as it is active. Becoming a VIP shows a badge on your profile so others can see you have supported the game. Also, you get some items that non VIP's cannot purchase. Vehicles, businesses, upgrades and a lot more that have been set aside for our City VIP's only.

If you need any further help with the game, use the online chat feature or click on the contact us link at the bottom of the website. Good luck and have fun... its a virtual life... anything goes!